Chickens and village life in Buxted East Sussex


We obtained our plot in February 2012 and was blessed in having a plot that had previously had great care and attention and wonderful soil. This meant for a great start. Since then we have done extensive planting of fruit and vegetables together with flowers. 

THE WEATHER - 2012 / 2013

Well frankly it's been awfull. Snow early in the year when we first got our plot followed by a mini heatwave, then down came the rain and more rain and it doesn't seem to be letting up. Crops flooded, seeds washed away and just too wet ground to even think about going down there some days. Well 2013 is also proving to be unsettled, very cold all early spring then really nice now June back to wet and windy.

Bare plot February 2012Plot February 2012Plot February 2012plot February 2012

The above 3 pictures were taken when we took over our plot, we planted many fruit trees, bushes, plants, vegetables and flowers, but the weather was really wet and much got flooded time and time again. Also problems with rabbits, pidgeons and slugs all caused havoc.

Plot June 2012Plot June 2012

The above 2 pictures were taken around June 2012 and show planting on the North side of our plot that we have now given up to have our hybrid hens on - more on that further down.

Fencing April 2013Fencing April 2013Fencing April 2013Fencing April 2013

April 2013 and we start fencing our plot to afford protection against the rabbits, we also think this gives a more defined aspect to our plot and is easier to manage. This also gave us the opportunity to create our high level compound for our hens.

Chicken compound fencing May 2013Chicken compound fencing and coop construction June 2013

May / June 2013 and we continue fencing the new compound, the right hand picture shows the arrival in June of the chicken coop built from an old shed - see our animal housing page for more details of how this was done.

Plot May 2013Plot May 2013

May saw us start in earnest our planting for this year and a revamp of how we want our plot to be. We have gone for a mix of raised beds and open planting which in time may also become raised beds which do give an easier concept in keeping areas weed free.

Plot June 2013Plot June 2013Plot June 2013plot June 2013Plot June 2013

June and the above 5 pictures show our current planting.