Chickens and village life in Buxted East Sussex


We make all our own poultry housing and housing for our other small animals. Because we have used various types over the years we now know a bity more of what works and what is practical for every day use. We do not like the look of standard treated timber so we add additional green treatment for a more pleasing look which of course adds extra durability. We do not purchase cheap imported items for resale.



Pet run - just 10 screws and this is flat packed. Cheap but durable pet run for rabbits, guinea pigs or daytime chickens, top door for access.



Chicken coops

Coops with runs

Rabbits / Guinea pig hutches

Duck houses

Bird boxes

Feeding stations

Broody hen nursery houses


Chicken coop with runChicken coop


This is a multifunctional coop and run. Used as one unit this will house your birds and provide a daytime secure run. However the coop has a small pop hole door to the run which can be closed and the coop has a mesh door panel which can be inserted making an ideal daytime nursery unit which is very secure. Meanwhile the run can be used for young chicks during the day where they are still under heat elsewhere at night.


Other features are...large opening door to run for easy catching of birds and cleaning, fully treated timbers of good quality sound construction.

dsgn_262_fl.pngStandard rabbit / guinea pig hutchStandard pet run



We will make housing to your own requirements only restricted by physical timber sizes.


We can also offer a local delivery and installation service and in the future we hope to be able to provide a complete home hen starter kit.


Our housing is constructed from pre-treated timber battens, WPB plywood, treated featheredge or shiplap, simple easy to use door catches, final treatment in our classic green or brown if you prefer.


We build housing for our own use and we design and build something to last, some units may be quite heavy and require lifting by 2 persons unlike cheap imported units that weigh next to nothing.


For our poultry housing we do not use felt roofs as this increases the hiding places for red mite.


We can also convert an existing shed on-site to provide housing for many birds and construct meshed runs.


Whatever your needs please contact us and we can discuss with you the best solution.





Old shed to budget chicken coop - just click on the picture to see how this was made and more to the point how cheap !

Shed to coop conversion