Chickens and village life in Buxted East Sussex


Life of chicks - from hatching to several weeks. This facinating look at chicks development with demonstrate how the colours change and just how fast wings grow. We have detailed the Sulmtaler Bantam. Hover the mouse over the picture for a brief description of age and / or click picture to enlarge. We will be adding more breeds in due course. 

Lavender Pekin Bantam Chick 4 to 6 days oldSulmtala chick 2 days oldSulmtala chick 1 week oldSulmtaler chick 2 weeks oldSulmtaler chick 3 weeks oldSulmtaler chick 4 weeks oldSulmtaler chick 5 weeks oldSulmtaler chick 6 weeks oldSulmtaler cockerel at 6 weeks old Sulmtaler pullets 12 weeks oldSulmtaler cockerel 12 weeks old


Pictures above are - of Sulmtaler Bantams, these are an auto sex pure breed and the cockerels can be picked out easily at 3 weeks. Pullets are always wheaten and apricot with blonde crests whilst the cockerels are a traditional brown, gold, black and green. Please note pictures are representative and are not necessarily the same bird.