Chickens and village life in Buxted East Sussex


Poland - Cock 


Poland - Hen


Native to Poland / Europe

Now found UK and generally worldwide

Poland eggs -  Small white shelled eggs, should get about 120 eggs but do not rely on this being a regular event!



Elvis - M

ZsaZsa - F

Kiki - F

Chick - tbc

Chick - tbc

Chick - tbc

Chick - tbc

Chick - tbc


These are the bantam version of the Poland chicken and are famous for their large crests and are very ornamental. They have a  friendly nature  but their inability to see well often makes them seem nervous. Need to be kept dry and clean in order to preserve their looks. Come in a wide range of colours.



Our experiences - The Poland chicken  is friendly, however they do not like to be held but will willingly use you as a perch.


Used a lot for showing due to their striking looks, not birds for the novice keeper as they need to be kept dry due to their crests and also have very thin skulls so exposure to extreme cold can lead to problems with hyperthermia.


They do like making a mess and like foraging around, can appear to be quite clumsy as their sight is impared by their large crest and therefore bump into things. Consideration should therefore be given to the design of any enclosure with regards to injuries. 

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At Craftyjane we also keep and breed - Araucana, Sulmtaler Bantam, Pekin Bantam, Belgian Barbu Duccle, Maran, Orpington, Hybrids. All in Buxted Uckfield East Sussex.

RIP Hector. Died 06/10/2012

RIP Hector.

Died 06/10/2012