Chickens and village life in Buxted East Sussex


Sulmtaler - Cock


Sulmtaler - Hen


Native to Austria

Now found UK.

Sulmtaler eggs - Not one to really rely on for a full english breakfast! Small tinted and slightly pointed eggs, although they can lay a reasonable amount assuming they do not go broody.



Pepe - M

Pipper - F

Poppet - F

Pasha - F

Punky - M

Pansy - F

2 Pullets - F

3 cockerels



A Bantam version of the large fowl Sulmtaler. These perfect minitures can be autosexed from approx. 3 weeks. The hens are Wheaten & Apricot with pretty blonde wigs while the cocks are traditional red, brown, black, green with a strawberry S comb and chestnut wig. 



Our experiences -  Wonderfull soft feathers on wonderfull placid birds, obviously the cock is a bit more lively but once caught also 'putty in your hand' what striking colours are to be found on these birds.


Quite like flying so if flight is a problem wing clipping may be required but they will not stray so best avoided to have them looking at their best.


Successful rates of hatching in incubator and our ratio was 5 to 1 in favour of pullets.


An 'up and coming' breed in the UK with only a handfull of dedicated breeders. Our thanks to James & Catherine at Horsted Hens for supplying our hatching eggs.

dsgn_262_fl.pngSulmtaler Bantam CockSulmtaler Bantam CockSulmtaler Bantam Henaustria-flag.gifSulmtaler bantam Egg

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